Oxtail soup

5,00 Euro


Tomato soup

5,00 Euro


Chees soup

5,00 Euro


French onion soup

5,00 Euro


Small mixed salad

4,50 Euro


Smoked trout 

with toast and horseradish cream

8,50 Euro


Smoked salmon

with potato pancakes and horseradish cream

8,50 Euro


Salad with prawns

10,50 Euro



roasted bread, tomato, onion and garlic

6,00 Euro


Pasta and Burger


Spaghetti a la Nonna

with rocket

10,50 Euro


Spaghetti carbonara salmon

11,50 Euro


Cheeseburger with fries

cheese, tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, lettuce,

remoulade, ketchup

10,50 Euro


Burger special with fries

cheese, tomatoes, onions, cucumber, lettuce,

remoulade, ketchup, bacon, fried egg

11,50 Euro


Italy Burger with fries

ham, grated parmesan, mozzarella, rocket, tomatoes, onions,

cucumbers, basil pesto

11,50 Euro


BBQ - Burger with fries

ham, baked onion rings, cheese, tomatoes, spice cucumbers,

lettuce, BBQ- Sauce, remoulade

11,50 Euro


Chicken Burger with fries

salad, tomatoes, cucumber, mayonaise, onions, Sweet Chilli Sauce

8,50 Euro


Veggi burger with fries

cheese, tomatos, onions, cucumber, lettuce,

remoulade, ketchup

10,50 Euro


From the "Westphalian kitchen"


"Strammer Max"

bread with butter, ham and two fried eggs

7,50 Euro



ham, liver sausage, aspic, bread and butter

10,00 Euro


Big beans

with bacon and potatoes

10,50 Euro


2 Sausages

with fried potatoes and red cabbage

10,50 Euro



with fried potatoes and remoulade

10,00 Euro


      Salad board

with chicken stripes

12,50 Euro




Salad board

8,50 Euro

with your choice of


3,50 Euro

smoked salmon

4,50 Euro


Vegetable board

with hash browns

9,00 Euro


Two filet´s of plaice

with fried potatoes and remoulade

12,00 Euro



with mustard sauce, potatoes and salad

15,00 Euro


Schnitzel (Escalope) Meals



with onions and freid potatoes

10,50 Euro

with fresh muchrooms and fried potatoes

11,50 Euro


"Gypsy" Escalope

with mixed  pusta salad sauce and chips

11,50 Euro


Escalope "Försterinnen Art"

with chanterelles and fried potatoes

13,50 Euro


"Holsteiner Schnitzel"

with vegetables, fried potatoes and fried egg

14,50 Euro


From the international kitchen


Chickenbreast "Indian" style

with rice, fruits and curry sauce

12,00 Euro


Pork filet "Mexican" style

with corn, bacon stripes and chips

15,00 Euro


Rump steak (240 gram)

wtih onions

19,00 Euro


Filet steak "Madagascar" (200 gram)

with green pepper sauce 

21,00 Euro


Filet steak (200 grams)

with chanterelles

23,00 Euro


Steak inclusive one supplement

fried potatoes



baked potato with herb quark




Vanilla ice-cream

with hot cherries

5,00 Euro


Walnut ice-cream

with hot chocolate sauce

5,00 Euro


Chocolate soufflé

with hot cherries and a scoop of vanilla ice-cream

5,50 Euro


Homemade Sorbet of the day

one scoop

1,00 Euro


Small cheese board 

7,00 Euro


Cup of Coffee

2,00 Euro


Cup of Cappuccino

2,50 Euro


Cup of Espresso

2,00 Euro